Taharas Hamishpacha LA Video Classes

Welcome to THLA’s gallery of past classes. We are making these classes available to benefit the general public and facilitate a review of the laws of family purity. Please note that watching these classes should not be a substitute for consulting a competent Rabbi with any questions you have. Each year a different dynamic group of Rebbetzins presents the main laws we need to review, so classes will repeat content from year to year, but each presenter adds her unique flavor!

Seven Clean Days 2020 Review Series Rebbetzin Brocho Saposchkinsky
Nidah and Harchokos 2020 Review Series Rebbetzin. Fruma Wolf
Chafifa and Tevila 2020 Review Series Mrs. Miriam Yerushalmi
Intimacy 2020 Review Series Mrs. Rochel Goldbaum
Sneak Peek Week 1 2020 Review Series
Sneak Peek Week 2 2020 Review Series
Sneak Peek Week 3 2020 Review Series
Sneak Peek Week 4 2020 Review Series

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